Daniel Dale | Physics and Astronomy

Daniel Dale

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Daniel Dale is a physics and astronomy professor at the University of Wyoming. He received his PhD in physics at Cornell University in 1998, and came to Laramie in 2001. He is originally from Minnesota.

Dale’s research is mainly about studying near and far star-forming galaxies, like for example the Milky Way, but also far away galaxies that are up to ten billion light years away. He looks at the omition from dust, and also what produces the light from these galaxies. He explained to me, “when people see black holes they don’t see any light, but it’s like a whirlpool on the outside that gives off light. There is a lot of dust, stars and secretion disks around black holes.”

When asked about what got him so interested in studying galaxies, he simply explained to me that he watched Star Wars when he was seven, and ever had wanted to explore space ever since. This is a perfect example of a childhood dream and vision turning into reality.

When asked where he thinks his research will be going within the next few years, he wants a balance between what’s “sexy” in science, to what’s interesting. He doesn’t want to always be following what is trendy. He sees himself looking also at what is outside of the galaxies.