College of Health Science Research Day, April 17, 2015

The College of Health Science held their annual Grand Rounds Research Day with 32 undergraduate and graduate student presenting their research. This interdisciplinary event allowed us the opportunity to see a variety of the research that is being conducted within the College of Health Sciences. I was honored to be surrounded by individuals who are not only passionate about their research but also want to share it with others. Likewise, I found the experience rewarding to receive so much support from our peers and professors. How fulfilling to be able to present research that you truly believe can better the lives of other individuals!

Doing my first oral research presentation at the CHS Grand Rounds was such a rewarding experience. I felt very welcomed as the audience seemed genuinely interested in my presentation. I feel so fortunate to have this unforgettable opportunity. I would like to thank my mentor, Dr. Hidecker, and the student research membersteam that spent hours upon hours making this day so memorable. (Dr. Hidecker’note: We are so proud that Allison received 2nd place in the oral presentation competition.)


Allison Long at the College of Health Sciences Research Day

Allie Long