Participating in Wyoming’s Parkinson’s PCORI

I had the privilege to attend the Wyoming Parkinson’s Project luncheon in September that was held here in Laramie. This luncheon was a key piece to engage stakeholders at a PCORI-sponsored event. I learned a lot about Parkinson’s disease and how difficult it can be to find resources for those who have Parkinson’s. The table I was sitting at had many healthcare professionals, caretakers, and individuals who have Parkinson’s. It was interesting to hear what each person contributed to the many questions. Some questions included, “What kind of resources are available in Wyoming for those who have Parkinson’s?” “What kind of support groups are available?” “What obstacles exist?” I learned that it is difficult to find a Neurologist in Wyoming to diagnosis Parkinson’s. I also learned that in many rural areas it is difficult to reach any sort of healthcare facility in a reasonable time. The healthcare professionals had mentioned that not a whole lot of doctors know too much about Parkinson’s and also it is hard to make sure that they are effectively treating a patient with Parkinson’s. A couple of the caretakers expressed concern about the emotions and finances that come with Parkinson’s and how a support group would be helpful. These same people then learned that Laramie and a surrounding town are starting a support group. I am so glad I was able to attend because I was able to learn more about Parkinson’s and how there are resources becoming more available to those that need them.

Adele Riley

Lab Assistant for Dr. Hidecker

Senior in Division of Communication Disorders