Presenting Research at the College of Health Science Research Day, April 17, 2015

Doing research can often be tedious, time consuming work. Due to the long process, you may sometimes feel like you never accomplish anything. Being able to present my research gives me that feeling of accomplishment, allowing me to summarize what I have been working so hard on. Making research posters to explain the research requires attention to detail, but all my fellow research assistants are very supportive and helped me through the process.

At first I was nervous about the idea of presenting my research. But when the poster session started, I enjoyed this highly rewarding experience. I was proud to see the finished product of my hard work there to be displayed. The people attending were all highly supportive of research and genuinely interested in all the projects. The Hidecker lab members were all supportive of each other throughout the presenting process. Regardless of all the work that goes into creating and presenting a poster, I would happily do it again.

Kimee Harmon

Kimee Harmon at College of Health Sciences Grand Rounds